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During the Spring 2020 Semester, NSC had 10 ongoing projects with different organisations. Check out everything below!



is an online community promoting circular economy! They allow members to recover reusable material, offering them the opportunity to express their creativity in a sustainable and circular way. 

Our consultants worked on the business model validation, which in turn, served as the baseline for NovoNovo’s fundraising applications. 

Team members: Johanna Wehinger (team lead), Kinga Kóré, Theresa Fehle, and Madalena Inês. 



Fundação "O Século"
This Portuguese NGO, created in 1998, has the objective to give social support to kids, teens, the elderly and families that need it and so, promoting their wellness and quality of life. 

This semester’s project aimed to strengthen the organisations strategy by stabilising, reinforcing and increasing their revenues and sustainability over time. 


Team members: Arturo Torres (team lead), Eduardo Semide, Beatriz Mateus, Gioia Vidusso and Felix Klöpper. 


Just a Change
Created in 2010, Just a Change wants to eradicate housing poverty and helps dozens of people every year by renovating their house. 

The objective of this semester’s project was to boost B2B sales by developing a product evaluation strategy. 


Team members: Diogo Pereira (team lead), Sofia Thorringa, Camilla Iannota, Gonzalo Martins, and Jordi Pedretti.


CDI Recode,
is a centre for digital inclusion that uses technology to fight poverty and stimulate entrepreneurship. Young people can challenge the current system and therefore program new solutions to world issues.

The company was trying to reduce criminal recidivism in Portugal and our team supported them by developing a project strategy for a centre in a prison facility! 

Team members: Thomas Lauer, Maria Freixa, Hannah Böhm, Lorian Abazi and Santiago Gomes. 


Orquestra Sem Fronteiras / Orquesta Sin Fronteras

OSF is a Portuguese organization which enhances access to music and culture for everyone! In doing so, they provide grants supporting young promising musicians and offer free concerts while diminishing cultural and social inequalities.

This semester’s mission was to revise and focus OSF’s strategy in order to facilitate development and a create  future impact measurements.

Team members: Joanna Wroblewska (team lead), Rodrigo Casanova, Umberto Pasi, Anna Lansing, and Alberto Iezza. 

This Portuguese NGO’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people

with dementia and respective caregivers.
This semester the main objective was to standardise the operations and financial model for the creation and functioning of support offices. 

Team members: Christina Neumayer, Julien Wenglorz, Inês Pedro, João Fernandes, Marvin Dikic, and Sebastian Schweers.


GivingTuesday PT 

Created in 2012, this NGO’s goal is to support people in need by gathering donations, manpower and resources every first Tuesday of December. 

This semester's mission was to develop a detailed communication strategy for all relevant target groups across a variety of channels in order to increase awareness about the GivingTuesday cause of 'Inspiring Generosity' throughout Portugal. 

Team members: Max Havermeier (team lead), Margarida Sampaio, Luísa Branco, Hugo Ferreira, and Matteo Sacinella. 

With the purpose of promoting human dignity, its name could not be more real. "Sapana” means "dream" in Nepali, where this NGO was born in 2010. The organisation integrates socially excluded people, such as prisoners or the unemployed, by empowering and connecting them. 

This past semester, along with a motivated team of consultants, Sapana aimed to develop a strategy to make ex-convicts and unemployed people re-integrate in society by giving them professional opportunities and finding mentors.

Team members: Philipp Zörner, Karolin Kaufmann, Ana Margarida Sousa Torres, Rossella Rocchino and Duarte Igreja.


Centro Comunitário da Paróquia de Carcavelos

aims to support children, families and the elderly which are in socially vulnerable. They support employment, organise activities for both the elderly and children and also collect and distribute food, hygiene and cleaning products, reused clothes, toys, books and other things. 

This semester‘s goal was to provide CCPC with tools to measure its impact on the Carcavelos community and to give them guidance on how to adapt their current strategy in order to increase their impact even further. 

Team members: Anabelle Fejes, Julia Roblick, Ulrik Brink, Marie Gerhardt and Luciana Pires.

SheCodes Workshops,

is dedicated to teach women how to code in order to decrease the gender gap in tech industry! This semester the main goal of this organisation was to create a detailed launch plan for a totally new project, moving courses online to reach a much wider audience and amplify social impact.

The team focused on developing a marketing strategy and on analysing which courses fit best to the platform.

Team members: Maria Mateus, Lisa Sophia Schramm, Camilla Benatar, Joana Carmo Dias and Daniela Miranda. 

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