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Meet our NSC project teams for Fall 2023/2024:


Business as Nature

We foster BasN’s quest towards financial sustainability and the organization goal to refine their value proposition and present their mission to potential investors and partners, both from a pool of pre identified as well as new targets.


Team members: Aline Busch (team lead), Matteo Gobbo, Diana Filipa de Clara Ribeirinho, Ludovica Mazzoli, Verena Epp



Bué Fixe

The overarching aim of the project is to support Bué Fixe in reorganizing its internal organizational structure, analysing the current strengths and weaknesses of the organization (SWOT-Analysis) and guiding on aspects to consider when developing a strategic plan for the future.

Team members: Yannick Truman Thöns (team lead), Jonas Christian Rudolph, Inês Gomes Ferreira, Jan Soller, Francisco José Martins da Graça

Bue Fixe_4_edited.jpg
Centro Juvenil de S_edited.jpg

Centro Juvenil São José - Project a)

The core mission of the team is to support the organizatuin to reach their profitability objectives, to further expand their pre-existing analysis with Business Model Canvas and to offer fresh perspectives.

Team members: Johannes Friedrich Koch (team lead), Louisa Amelia Laik, David Antoni, Carlota Cordeiro, Dominic Frehner  


Centro Juvenil São José - Project b)

The primary objective of this project is to conduct a substantive market analysis and to assess the financial feasibility of their new initiative, concerning broadening their service offering with the introduction of a new social service, planned to address disability-related issues.


Team members: Tom Rüger (team lead), Hans Philipp Meyer, Carolina Ferreira, Noah Petersmann

Centro Juvenil Sao Jose - Project b_1.heic


The project's key responsibilities encompass identifying suitable investors and clients who would be willing to provide funding and developing the pitch to be presented to these potential investors, in order to secure funding, as first step towards financial sustainability, 


Team members: Philipp Urschler (team lead), Maria Promegger, Max Gundlach, Lara Geister, Afonso Gonçalves Pereira Guilherme


This project is primarily geared toward achieving a defined communication strategy or structured and aligned external communication plan to effectively reach more people with its social networks.


Team members: Melina Fiona Schlundt (team lead), Madalena Mascarenhas, Murat Kaplan, Inês Claro Gabriel

Cafe Joyeux_1.heic

Café Joyeux

The central goal of our  project is to craft a CRM “platform” for Café Joyeux to better manage a new line of business. This project distinguishes itself by an additional implementation phase after the strategic planning phase.

Team members: Joana Ramos Passas (Team lead), Francisco Pereira Gomes de Fogaça, António Enes Dias Castelino e Alvim, Constanze Meyer Zu Erpen, Alexander Ritter

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