Joint Leadership

At Nova Social Consulting we work together. What proves to be right for our members is also true for us, the Management Board. Our main objective is to be of best service to NSC members so they can excel in their projects! We organize workshops, invite our corporate partners and provide on-going guidance throughout the semester. We are aware of the need for constant development of a student association. For this reason, the Management Board works closely together with alumni, university professors and consultants to be the best and most professional student association in Portugal.


We strive for maximizing the social impact our clients have in society, while promoting the development of our members and leveraging on strong partnerships.


Being an organization of reference in the social sector, distinguished by the professionalism and quality of university students.

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Max Fiehring


Equipped with wide-ranging experience in corporate strategy & consulting, Max aims to foster capabilities for NSC’s clients and consultants. He is passionate about organizations that aim to ensure and provide a sustainable future through innovative and disruptive thinking. Max was positively overwhelmed when experiencing how Lisbon is welcoming Nova’s diverse student body year after year. Therefore, he wants to give back to Portuguese society by providing top-notch consulting services to the social sector.

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Leonor Teruszkin  Matias

External Vice President

Leonor feels that all of us should be part of a greater good and that is exactly what NSC stands for. The feeling of making a difference in the social sector and promoting impact-driven activities and services is what drives our mission, and that is key for a strengthened Portuguese ecosystem. As External Vice President, she is looking forward to this amazing semester and to start making a difference since day #1.

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Sofia Gião Torrinha

Internal Vice President

Sofia is eager to create impact in the social sector and to contribute towards a fair society. She believes NSC’s members are the club’s greatest asset, and as an internal vice president she will coordinate the departments that are responsible for enriching the experience of the consultants and for the success of the consulting projects. Her goal is to maintain the professional reputation of the club while providing the members a remarkably meaningful semester. 

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Maria Freixa

Head of People Operations

Maria believes in the role of NSC to empower social organizations while at the same time fostering a social responsibility spirit within the Nova SBE community. Taking a new role as Head of People’s Operations, she aims to continuously improve the club’s recruitment and training process and provide the best experience for its members. As a previous consultant herself, Maria understands first-hand the importance of NSC members to the club’s growth and success and their impact on the Portuguese social sector. 

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Ana Rita Nogueira Martins

People Operations Officer

In love with promoting social sector growth, Ana Rita wishes to give social organisations the opportunity to become more capable and efficient. As a Client Relations Officer, she intends to make a careful selection of clients and mainly to establish open and reliable communication channels. Always following the belief that relationships are all we have. Nothing exists alone.

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Beatriz Miguel Almeida

People Operations Officer

Beatriz believes that the next generation of business leaders needs to aim for success by taking sustainability into account when making professional and personal decisions. The future of the Portuguese social sector relies on our consultants’ commitment today in delivering projects with quality and on working together to magnify social and entrepreneurial initiatives. As a People Operations Officer, Beatriz aims to help NSC consultants to develop skills by offering innovative methods of personal and professional development. With previous experience in human resource management, Beatriz wants to guarantee the inclusion, well-being and growth of every NSC member in order to reach excellence and sucess.  


Applications Now Closed


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Viktor Adnan Gümüs

Head of Project Coordination

With his experience in consulting, project management, and leadership, Viktor aims to empower all NSC impact consultants and team leads to deliver the best results possible to NSC’s clients. He strongly believes in the importance of a positive impact on your environment. Together with the entire club, he aims to have a positive impact on the Portuguese social sector. Only together can we ensure a positive and sustainable development of society and the planet. "With great power comes great responsibility" as Uncle Ben used to say.   

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Juliane Geus

Project Coordinator

With a passion for impact-driven organizations and wide-ranging experience in consulting and leadership positions, Juliane aims to scale NSC’s impact in the Portuguese social sector and thereby support the club’s clients in reaching their full potential. After first joining the club as a team lead, Juliane now wishes to use her skills and experiences to facilitate cross-project communication as a project coordinator, thereby ensuring that the greatest value can be delivered to NSC’s clients. 

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Diogo Marques

Project Coordinator

Passionate about the social sector and the impact its organizations have on generating a positive impact on society, Diogo aims to put his practical know-how and expertise in both management and consulting at the disposal of not only NSC but also the organizations with whom the Club works with and for, creating tangible and meaningful value that contribute to the strengthening of the Portuguese social ecosystem. As a Project Coordinator, Diogo wants to provide purposeful oversight and leadership in executing the projects, fostering engagement, and learning opportunities between all consulting teams. 

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Rodolfo Santos

Head of Corporate Relations

We all believe that we can, somehow, make a difference. Yet, differences won’t come easily. As Head of Corporate Relations, Rodolfo believes that the path to change is based on social awareness through higher-quality leaders. Rodolfo has graduated in management at FEUC and has previously enrolled in other leadership-based organizations. From his own perspective, change won’t come without clear communication and hard work, as well as team spirit and a keen sense of ethics and integrity. 

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Timothy Avondo

Corporate Relations Officer 

As societal challenges become more complex, it is important not to stay indifferent but instead positively contribute to making a little change in our community. After a semester as a consultant at NSC, Timothy decided to take a further step as a Corporate Relations Officer, aiming to recruit clients and develop strong relationships with external stakeholders, therefore contributing to the empowerment of the Portuguese social sector and the growth of the club. 

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Aurélie Riou

Corporate Relations Officer 

Aurélie is passionate about social organizations and believes that a strong social sector is essential for the development of a country and society. After working as an NSC consultant, she joined this semester’s Corporate Relations team. With the skills she has acquired during her previous professional experiences she aims to enhance the growth of the club, ensure successful collaborations and build strong client relationships.

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Ana Godinho

Corporate Relations Officer 

Passionate about history, business, and the social sector around the world, Ana strongly believes that business solutions joined with social causes are important to empower the social sector. Consulting is a way to use the knowledge, and when applied to the social sector it can create great achievements. As a member of the NSC’s Corporate Relations, Ana can use her experience when dealing with clients and partners to ensure the offer of an opportunity to social organizations. Ana believes in making a difference through union and will work to ensure the success of any project! 

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Sophie Hufnagel

Head of Marketing

As a student abroad, Sophie wants to explore and contribute to local businesses while gaining hands-on experience. With prior experience in marketing, she is now looking to put this into practice and generate attention to the Student Club. NSC has a positive impact on many stakeholders, which deserves recognition and which she wants to elevate. Sophie is very interested in the social sector and wants to make a positive difference with her work, interacting closely with people from different cultures and benefiting from different approaches. Follow NSC on social media to stay up to date on all our marketing related activities.  

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Filipa Sampaio

Marketing Officer 

As social responsibility becomes increasingly important, Filipa has joined NSC to help making a difference in the Portuguese social sector. Working side-by-side with NGOs is one of her passions and seeing the impact that the club might have on them is extremely gratifying. As a Marketing Officer, she aims not only to strengthen NSC visibility, but also of all its clients. In addition, the Marketing department will work towards educating the students and the community about the social sector and responsibility, in a fun and engaging environment.  

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Klara Košar

Marketing Officer 

Having gained international experience on three continents, Klara recognizes the importance of strengthening the ties between local communities and students, helping them gain different perspectives to grow. These connections, especially in the non-for-profit/social sectors, are the drivers of change, and Klara thinks we all hold some responsibility for their success. That’s why she joined Nova Social Consulting - if you can leave a small impact on today’s world by helping those NGOs who are already trying to leave it a bit better than they found it, why not?