Joint Leadership

At Nova Social Consulting we work together. What proves to be right for our members is also true for us, the Management Board. Our main objective is to be of best service to NSC members so they can excel in their projects! We organize workshops, invite our corporate partners and provide on-going guidance throughout the semester. We are aware of the need for constant development of a student association. For this reason, the Management Board works closely together with alumni, university professors and consultants to be the best and most professional student association in Portugal.


We strive for maximizing the social impact our clients have in society, while promoting the development of our members and leveraging on strong partnerships.


Being an organization of reference in the social sector, distinguished by the professionalism and quality of university students.

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Armelle Duvieusart


Passionate about the private sector's role in transitioning towards a positive impact society, Armelle is convinced that strong management and governance practices are essential for impact ventures to scale their mission. As NSC's new President, she looks forward to build the club's capacity to empower consultants and organisations on this path, reinforcing NSC's range of activities and integration in the Lisbon social impact ecosystem.

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Leon Niemeyer

Project Coordinator

Driven by a fascination for complex societal challenges, Leon's vision is to s stimulate positive change together with a committed community. He believes in the unique combination of learning opportunities, meaningful connections and valuable contribution at NSC. As Project Coordinator, Leon wants to foster cross-project engagement and learning.

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Max Fiehring

Project Coordinator

Equipped with wide-ranging experience in corporate strategy & consulting, Max aims to foster capabilities for NSC’s clients and consultants. He is passionate about organizations that aim to ensure and provide a sustainable future through innovative and disruptive thinking. Max was positively overwhelmed when experiencing how Lisbon is welcoming Nova’s diverse student body year after year. Therefore, he wants to give back to Portuguese society by providing top-notch consulting services to the social sector.

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Leonor Teruszkin Matias

Head of Client Relations

Leonor feels that all of us should be part of a greater good and that is exactly what NSC stands for. The feeling of making a difference in the social sector and promoting impact-driven activities and services, is what drives our mission, and that is key for a strengthened Portuguese ecosystem. As Head of Client Relations, she is looking forward to this amazing semester and to start making a difference since day #1.

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Ana Rita Nogueira Martins

Client Relations Officer

In love with promoting social sector growth, Ana Rita wishes to give social organisations the opportunity to become more capable and efficient. As a Client Relations Officer, she intends to make a careful selection of clients and mainly to establish open and reliable communication channels. Always following the belief that relationships are all we have. Nothing exists alone.

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Sebastian Schweers

Client Relations Officer

After being a consultant for NSC for two semesters, Sebastian is looking forward to be working in the Client Relations Team in the upcoming months. His experience in NSC has shown him that by providing consultancy services from experienced and motivated business school students, both the students and the organizations can highly benefit. As a Client Relations Officer he aims to foster strong strategic relationships with the social sector in Portugal, enabling both the club and the social organizations to unleash their potential.

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Ilaria Traetta

Client Relations Officer

Determined to give her contribution towards a fairer society, Ilaria has joined NSC firstly as a consultant. Now as a member of the Client Relations team, she aims at strengthening the bridge between impact-driven organisations involved in the Portuguese social environment and NSC’s powerful resources. Together we can achieve more!

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Lisa Krämmer

Head of Marketing

With a background in advertising and digital consulting and an eagerness to advance her involvement in the social sector, Lisa joined NSC as Head of Marketing to continue promoting its mission in the best possible way. Fostering the symbiosis between management and strategy consulting practices and Lisbon's impact-driven social businesses and NGOs through diverse marketing measures, is what motivates Lisa and her team - follow NSC on social media to stay up to date on all our marketing related activities. 

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Rita Mendes 

Marketing Officer 

Passionate about communication and society social impact, Rita will be responsible to reinforce the bridge between the club and the community, working as a Marketing Officer at NSC! In this position, Rita will have an important role to spread NSC impact in all the social platforms of the club and develop other marketing topics. For sure “Communication works for those who work at it”, so stay tuned to see the marketing team work!

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Mariana Leão Marques

Marketing Officer

Mariana is motivated to get more involved in the social sector and is inspired by the difference that NSC can make in our community by empowering the social sector.

As part of the Marketing team, Mariana hopes to increase the club’s visibility by keeping the community well informed of our work and help the club grow.

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Sofia Gião Torrinha

Head of People's Operations

Sofia is eager to create impact in the social sector and to contribute towards a fair society. She believes NSC’s consultants are the club’s greatest asset, and therefore she is now part of the People Operations team. By improving the members’ recruitment process and training, she aims at enriching their experience, helping to maintain the professional reputation of the club while providing the consultants a remarkably meaningful semester."

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Patrícia Quintas

People's Operations Officer 

Patrícia is fascinated by the role social organisations play in our community and how NSC can them help them to better accomplish their goals. She has decided to take in a new role in the People Operations team, being previously a consultant and a Marketing Officer. Our members are our greatest asset, by offering them opportunities to further develop personal and professional skills she believes the results are better consulting projects as well as broader career prospects. Her objective is for every consultant to have the best experience whist getting to know the Portuguese social sector and its opportunities.


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