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AbouT us

NOVA SBE Social Consulting is a dedicated student community from NOVA School of Business & Economics that provides pro-bono business consulting services to NGOs, nonprofit organisations, and social entrepreneurs to empower the Portuguese social sector with our combined experience of over 10 years.




NSC was founded on September 17th, 2009, by NOVA SBE student Pedro Almeida, with the aim of merging business and social impact. Since then, NSC has become one of the top student clubs at NOVA SBE, as hundreds of students have built this community of combined experience for over 10 years. Whether in the old Campolide campus or in the new Carcavelos campus, NSC is part of the history of NOVA SBE.


This is why we vouch for Consulting with Impact, by empowering both our social sector clients and student members with in-depth experience in +150 consulting projects and varied personal growth experiences that will lead them to become change-makers and impact-driven leaders. This way, we build bridges between Portugal’s purpose-driven social sector and the valuable tools, business acumen, and insights of leading NOVA SBE students to support our clients and scale their impact in a sustainable way. 

We're more than a student club - We're a Community with Purpose.

This is what consulting with impact is all about

«NSC was an essential part of my whole experience at NOVA SBE. Not only did I experience the positive impact of our projects but I also noticed the personal and professional development of myself and others. Today, I am proud of whom I became thanks to NSC and to have established a great network of alumni, consultants, and inspiring people.»

Spring 2019 Team

Anne Würfel

The Board & Management

Collaboration, Transparency, and Professionalism 

Those values drive the work of our management board and are instilled in the purposeful work done by our consultants. The role of the board is to set the stage for successful, impactful consulting projects, for both our clients and our members! 

Strong teamwork is empowering our club to grow, gain credibility and scale its range of action, be it by onboarding new clients, selecting top-notch consultants among ever-growing interest, or setting up valuable partnerships.  

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