At Nova Social Consulting, we build bridges between Portugal’s purpose-driven social sector and the valuable tools, business acumen and insights of leading NOVA SBE students to support our clients and scale their impact in a sustainable way


For over a decade, we have served a wide range of clients, building capacity and accompanying them towards greater, more sustainable impact. We approach our client work with a win-win perspective: not only do we endeavour to contribute to the expansion and strengthening of our clients’ goals, but we also ensure a valuable experience for our consultants; one that will lead them on a path to become change-makers and impact-driven leaders.

The Management Board

Collaboration, Transparency and Professionalism. 

Those values drive the work of our management board and are instilled in the purposeful work done by our consultants. The role of the board is to set the stage for successful, impactful consulting projects, for both our clients and our members! 

Strong team work is empowering our club to grow, gain credibility and scale its range of action, be it by onboarding new clients, selecting top-notch consultants among ever growing interest, or setting up valuable partnerships.