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Nova Social Consulting is a students’ club based in Nova School of Business and Economics. It comprises 35-40 volunteer student consultants who provide their knowledge and commitment to social enterprises in Portugal.


Our clients are either NGOs or social entrepreneurs who make a difference in their environment and work hard to achieve their goals. In project teams of usually 4-5 students, NSC consultants help those enterprises on topics like fundraising, marketing and starting-up using the skills acquired at one of the best business universities in Portugal. 



We offer pro-bono consulting services in a variety of fields to NGOs, social enterprises and nonprofits.

Due to the highly diverse background of NSC consultants, we are able to configure our teams in a way to combine the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the best solution to each individual client. Although we work with organizations on many different topics, our main fields of action are Strategy Evaluation & Formulation, Fundraising and Marketing & Communication.

A good strategy means to know how to achieve one's goals and how to get closer to one's vision. More importantly, a good strategy needs to withstand thorough analysis.

Our team of NSC consultants helps you finding your way and assists you to better understand the implications of your current strategy.

Strategy Evaluation & Formulation


Having sufficient funds to be able to offer the products and services that are supposed to create social value is a frequent headache of social organizations.

Our team of NSC consultants helps you to find the best way of reaching out to the right sources of funds. 

Marketing and Communication are integral parts of any organization in the social sector because they are the key activities to reach many users.

Our NSC consultants understand the importance of effective Marketing and Communication activities and provide you with tailored solutions.

Marketing & Communication

Corporate partners



For nearly a decade, Nova Social Consulting has worked with dozens of NGOs, social enterprises and nonprofits, having enjoyed the support of other organisations as well.


Under the guidance and support of Deloitte, NSC is able to provide its members with training sessions while guaranteeing the quality of its consulting services.



At NSC, we take feedback from our clients into serious consideration and want to stay in touch with them to measure the impact NSC made over the semesters.


Moreover, we try to diversify the organisations we work with every term, aiming at giving all organisations working in the social sector the opportunity to benefit from our services.


Paula Policarpo, Co-founder, Zero Desperdício

The result of NSC's serious work, commitment and effort had a huge importance for us. For the first time, we have an analysis from outside focused on our eventual future business model that will permit us to design and project future scenarios. It´s great!

Matt Delac, 

Founder, SheCodes

NSC did an amazing job thoroughly researching future company endeavors, providing fresh ideas, and utilizing all available resources to solve problems. We highly recommend NOVA Social Consulting and we definitely want to continue our productive work with them in the future!

Rita Calheiros Caetano, Fundraising & Communications, Fundação Gonçalo da Silveira 

It's always a good idea to work with NSC. It's great to have opinions, suggestions and proposals from enthusiastic students, who give us the outside point of view.





Nova Social Consulting

Campus de Carcavelos

Rua da Holanda, nº1

2775-405 Carcavelos, Portugal​​


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