Who we are

Nova Social Consulting is a student association based at the NOVA School of Business and Economics.

What we do

We offer pro-bono consulting services in a variety of fields to NGOs and Social Enterprises.

How to contact us

If you are interested in working with us please contact us via E-Mail, Facebook or LinkedIn.



"The collaboration with NSC gave an important input to our organization. Measuring social impact is a hard issue to address and with the help of the NSC team we hope to start mesuring impact this year!"


Pedro Pedrosa, President | 2015

"Working with the NSC team has been an excellent experience. They have been helping us with the development of our activities and how to promote them in order to attract more youngsters. It was great that we could easily share ideas and develop them together. I hope that we continue this partnership and wish the team and NSC all the best for their future."


João Cheira, Co-Founder | 2015

"For more than a year the consultants at NCS helped us a great deal in defining our social strategy. Not only were they coming up with new ideas, but also connected us with other organizations and institutions that share our interest. We highly recommend working with NSC because of their professionalism and efficiency."


Mario Rueda, Co-Founder | 2014

"I really enjoyed working with NSC as they were very methodical and enthusiastic about the problem they had to solve. The most important contribution for us was that they added a new perspective to the way we used to do marketing of one of our programs. Really a great experience."


Rita Marques, Founder | 2014