For a continuous development of our organization

Next to supporting the project work of the NSC consultants, the Management Team is responsible for the constant development of our organization. In order to do so most effectively, we count on an independent Advisory Board, a variety of Experts and strong support from the University Offices.

Advisory Board

The NSC Advisory Board was created to provide feedback and guidance on strategic initiatives by the NSC Management Team and meets two times per semester. Three distinguished personalities with diverse backgrounds and experiences in many different areas that are relevant for us at NSC are on the board. Every semester another NSC Alumnus, usually a former Management Team member, adds on to the Advisory Board to provide more regular feedback and guidance.

Pedro Almeida

NSC Co-Founder


Pedro Almeida is one of the founders of Nova Social Consulting. After finishing the Master in Finance he started working at McKinsey and Company. Pedro's commitment to NSC combined with his excellent sense for good advice and proactiveness make him a reliable source for our organization's potential to create value.

Elizabete Cardoso

NSC Mentoring Professor

Nova SBE

Elizabete Cardoso teaches in the field of Marketing and is director of new project and program development at Nova after having worked in leading positions in several companies. She has been mentoring the NSC ever since its beginning and her support during the last 5 years has contributed significantly to the continuity and success of our organization.

Gustavo Brito

Independent Advisor

Nova Forum

Gustavo Brito teaches at the executive education branch of Nova SBE, Nova Forum. Before, he started a Social Enterprise himself after working six years at McKinsey & Company. He also created the Nova Consulting Labs among many other things during his career. His extensive experience not only in consulting but also in the third sector together with an independent view on NSC make him the perfect complement of our advisory board.

Malou Anne-Wahn

NSC Alumnus

Former Management Team Member

Malou was in the NSC since Fall  2014, having been both a consultant and then a management team member. For her master thesis she developed a feasibility study for a Social Impact Bond focused for the intervention model of Housing First in Portugal and application to the state fund of Portugal Inovação Social. Currently, she is working as a Management Consultant in the Eber Stolu consultancy in Germany.

Anita Eisterlehner

NSC Alumnus

Former Management Team Member

Anita was in the NSC since Fall  2014, having been both a consultant and then a management team member. Currently, she is doing a second exchange semester abroad in Taiwan at the National Chengchi University.

Rita Casimiro

NSC Alumnus

Former Management Team Member

Rita was with the NSC since Feb 2014, having been both a consultant and then a management team member. Rita did her Bsc in Bath, UK, and had experience in several industries. Currently, she is an analyst in the Social Investment Lab in Lisbon, where she previously developed a feasibility study for a Social Impact Bond in the area of youth employability as her master thesis.

Sebastián Rincón Estupiñán

NSC Alumnus

Former Management Team Member

Sebastian joined NSC during his first semester at NovaSBE in Fall 2014. Back then, he was part of a business development project for Mentes Empreendedoras. The following semester he was part of the Management team. Sebastian is currently writing his Master's thesis on the Portuguese Innovation System and working as a Financial Analyst for Philip Morris International.


We count on a variety of experts to directly support our members via workshops, lectures and in other occasions. Although we are always trying to think out of the box, our main fields of knowledge and skills development are always Consulting, Social Entrepreneurship and NGO Management.

Miguel Alves Martins

Miguel Alves Martins is Director of the Social Entrepreneurship Institute in Portugal (IES) and professor for Social Entrepreneurship and Management of NGOs at Nova. His extensive knowledge in the field bases on academic achievements at INSEAD and the Kellogg School of Management. Professor Alves Martins is of great help for our students to increase their understanding of the third sector.

Constança Casquinho

Constança Casquinho is the Master Program Manager at Nova SBE while at the same time coordinating the Nova Consulting Labs. Having worked at McKinsey, A.T. Kearney and subsequently in a variety of industries she provides our members with invaluable advice on how to be better consultants.

Fábio Santos

Fábio Santos is currently managing several projects within the Nova Consulting Labs while at the same time being teaching assistant at NOVA SBE. His professional experience gained at A.T. Kearney as well as other companies and institutions make him a valuable source of advice for our consulting teams.

University Support

Many credits for the success of our events and our organizational development altogether go to the different entities at Nova that help us in many different ways. We especially want to thank the Marketing Office as well as the Student Development Office for their continuous support of our operations and events.