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Third Sector Pro-Bono Consulting with Drive

Catalyzing the Energy in Social Ventures

Nova Social Consulting aims at providing guidance to third sector enterprises in order for them to meet and exceed their full potential. We strive to establish and promote a strong collaboration and devote our full commitment to help our clients increasing their performance. Our clients are NGOs or social entrepreneurs that work hard in making a difference and creating a social impact within society.

Helping to Create Something Extraordinary

NSC teams are composed of dedicated students from a variety of different personal and educational backgrounds. We put our efforts in understanding the unique characteristics and environment of each organization in order to develop tailored solutions to specific challenges.

Collaborating with Strong Partners

We count on the support of a network of professional partners that have an extensive expertise in the fields of consulting and social consulting. They help us to keep up with the most recent developments in the respective areas and to continuously improve our services. Moreover, several experts with deep knowledge in the third sector as well as consulting are supporting us in training our members on a regular basis.


Whether you need assistance in a fundraising project or you want to have a fresh look on new possibilities of communicating with your clients, NSC is the right organization to help you. Using our extensive theoretical know-how acquired at the best Business School in Portugal, we devote our motivation and multiple skills to create the solutions that fit your needs.